Keep me clean use me well, what I see I'll never tell Shhhh!


Our Designs

(1) Stalls by outer wall to improve ventilation
(2) Men's Urinal
(3) Stall with permanent trash can installed
(4) Locally Sourced Water Reservoirs above cleaning supply closets
(5) Changing Table
(6) Raised Structure built upon BioFill digesters
  • Construction based upon "BioFill Digester for Institution's" Model.
  • BioFil Digesters built directly below individual stalls.
  • Digesters compartmentalized to enable aeration and minimize contamination.
  • Large adjoined stock room to rear of structure to aid with resupply.





Design Considerations

Users desire a well ventilated experience

Roof-mounted rotary wind vane

Draws air naturally utilizing wind power

Customers prefer distinction from current options

Modern Exterior Design

Distinct and recognizable. White paneling denotes cleanliness and thermal resistance

preference for white/clean walls

Aluminum Polystyrene Walls

Locally sourced, durable and hygienic material.

No-touch operation preferred

Foot Pedal Sink Operation

No-touch sink operation using pressure valves and foot pedals



Design Considerations

  • Safe and secure toilets in well lit areas
  • Off grid models with no reliance on main sewage connection or electricity source
  • Impressive street art that can offer space for appealing advertisements
  • Manufactured abroad, assembled locally
  • Locally made and tested technology Biofil digester
  • Odor free waste management system
  • Clean and sanitary, virtually touch less public toilets